The Growing Scourge Of Bed Bugs Throughout The World

If you’re curious how to detect bed bugs (Cimex lectularius), chances are you are concerned that your home may have been invaded by these pesky little blood suckers and you need bed bug treatment solutions right away. Having had personal experience with a bed bug “infestation” I can help you understand where to look and exactly how to detect bed bugs in your home. By no means am I an expert on the subject, nor do I have the credentials or certification of a pest control specialist or exterminator. I’m an average homeowner who has been through the traumatizing effects of finding bed bugs in her home who consequently turn said home upside down to get rid of them.

Bed_bug,_Cimex_lectulariusHow To Detect Bed Bugs And Get Rid Of Them Yourself:

– Bed Bugs 911 Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Ebook”Proven System To Eliminate A Bed Bug Infestation In Your Home And Get Rid Of These Blood Sucking Creatures Once And For All:

– The sneaky places bed bugs like to hide and how to find them

– How to keep from bring bed bugs home with you, when you travel

– Why older methods of bed bug protection don’t work anymore

– How you can protect your kids and your pets from the blood sucking beasts

– The vital steps you must take to eliminate a bed bug infestation fast!

– Plus many more ways you can deal with these problem critters.

Detecting Bed Bugs In Your Home:

Bed bug detection can be a bit tricky:

Diatomaceous Earth (DE)The trouble with how to detect bed bugs is that the signs of bed bugs are so similar to other skin conditions like rash, mosquito bites, ant bites, acne, etc. So you may very well have bed bugs crawling into your bed at night biting you. Detection is even more difficult because you rarely catch them in the act.

Bed bugs feed at night while you are sound asleep. Leaving you a bit confused the next morning when you wake up and find small bumps on your face, hand, arms, legs, neck, or all of the above.

I recall waking one morning to find two small “mosquito-like” bites on my ankles. Since I had been outside the day before working in the yard, I assumed that I must have been bitten and didn’t realize it. Which if I really had thought about it couldn’t have been the case. Why?

Because each time that I’ve been bitten by a mosquito or an ant I know right away because there was some pain associated with being bitten. That was the part that was baffling me, not remembering being bitten, yet seeing bug bites.

Bed-Bugs-On-Mattress-5Well one morning I woke up around 5 am and noticed something crawling on my elbow. I quickly cupped it in my hand and dropped it in between the pages of a nearby address book on the night stand. Now I have no idea what made me do that. I am deathly afraid of bugs! But this bug looked more like a beetle of some kind, not something that would sting or bit me if I tried to catch it. Besides I think I was more afraid of letting it get away.

After putting the address book on the floor and stepping on it to be sure whatever was inside was SMASHED and dead, I opened the address book and there was this small brown flat bug.

I took it over to my computer and began looking for the bug on the internet. My first search was for bed bug pictures because I had just had a conversation a week earlier with another family member who was battling them.

When I saw the picture I was shocked! I had bed bugs? How did this happen? When?

Steps To Take To Detect Bed Bugs In Your Home (Or Anywhere):

bed bug detection may be important for you in hotels and anywhere elese you may visit

I started looking up as much information as I possibly could about getting rid of bed bugs and the types of home bed bug treatments. Everything I read said “call an exterminator”. I kept searching for ways to kill bed bugs myself. I was lucky to find some really good information that I believe will help you as well. Here’s what you should do too:

Check the mattresses. Along the edges of the seams is where bed bugs nest and lay eggs. If you see brown shells or bugs, you likely have a bed bug problem. This is where I found the bed bugs in my home. There were little shells around my son’s mattress.

Check the headboard as well. They like to hang out here because they’re close to they’re feeding supply – YOU.

Inspect your walls and sheets. Do you see brown spots? Bed bugs actually poop and leave these spots behind on walls and other places as they crawl (I know disgusting aren’t they?)

Pay attention to your body. Are you waking up with inexplicable bites and rashes? Do you seem to have bumps on your face and have no idea why? The culprit could be bed bugs.

If you have a ton of shoe boxes and clutter beneath or around your bed remove it and check it as well. The same goes for closets and anything near your bed. Remove the dusty clutter. I placed my things in the garage in plastic bags.

– Remove pictures from walls as well as curtains and draperies

– Ways Professionals Detect Bed Bugs

– The detection of bed bugs using animals and equipment

In my research I also decided to find out what professionals do to detect bed bugs. I was surprised to learn that the pros use trained dogs to sniff out the nesting place of bed bugs in homes and places of business. Professionals also use magnifying classes to detect bed bugs. Because a bed bug can range in size from the newly hatched, tiny translucent eggs to the larger brown 5 mm adult.- the size of the bed bug I found crawling on my arm -EWWWWW! Okay, sorry. Back to the task at hand. Helping you understand how to detect bed bugs.

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